VirtuaPets: Cubie

Cubie is our first VirtuaPet and we are very proud to bring them to you!

Think of Cubie as a living breathing animal running entirely digital! You can interact with your Cubie by performing tasks that result in your Cubie leveling up. Each level unlocks a new Cubie body allowing you to customize your Cubie to your exact liking! 

How do I download Cubie

How much does Cubie cost?

+ Cubie is entirely free and has absolutely no option of purchasing anything! We wanted to provide this digital friend to everyone to enjoy at no cost!

How do I play Cubie?

+ All you need to do is install Cubie and he will be there! There is no configuration, once you have installed Cubie you will playing immediately!

What do I do if my Cubie is Angry or Sad?

+ All you need to do is Double-Click your Cubie! That simple act is all your Cubie needs

How can I change my Cubie’s body color?

+ Once you have unlocked other body skins you need to hold long press left click

How can I check my Cubie’s body skin count?

+ Hold right click to check your skin count

How can I check my Cubie’s level?

+ Just hold right-click on your cubie!